CREATivE Drought

Photographed by Kellan Whitman

As creatives, we all hit walls of creative drought and frustration. I’ve been running into that wall the past month not only trying to create beautiful work but concepts & ideas that seek to reach deeper than the surface but not being able to. While writing this I was reminded about one of the things I promised to live by this year which was, “sharing the struggle”. Which consist of me sharing the struggles I'm going through at the moment not just as therapy for myself but for others who might be going through the same. 

Art should imitate reality, so I decided to not just sit in that energy & but channel it into creating art that mirrored that exact sentiment. Each photo is a representation of that reality.

So I present to you CREATivE Drought: A Photo Essay.


Creative walls though they are temporary but can feel very permanent when you're in it. They give you the impression and idea that you can't push through.


Frustration is usually the next feeling and emotion to come. You can't push through and often start getting the idea that you might not be able to nor be able to make something you can feel confident about.


This is where doubt loves to creep in and tell you or your work isn't good enough, that you've been lucky all this time and that the hard work and extended hours don't matter. It also loves to push you to start comparing you and your work to others as well.


Fear loves to come in at this moment and tell you might never create anything that's excellent again. It also loves comparing what you've done in the past to what you will create in the future saying "it will never be as good as that last project you did".  

The first thing I've learned while going through this is to first acknowledge the feelings. The second thing is to simply just do what you do, don't think about it too much, don't try and do the most, just create. I say that because I'm a planner, down to every last detail and that sometimes get in the way of me just doing.

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