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for their November Volume 3 Issue


There is often this misconception that when one chooses to be alone or happens to be alone that they are lonely, lacking something or something is wrong with them.

This Photo Essay was inspired by the song “Holy” by Jamila Woods specifically these lyrics. “Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me / With my mind set on loving me / I'm not lonely, I'm alone / And I'm holy by my own / I'm not lonely, I'm alone /And I'm holy by my own”.

Being alone presents the opportunity for you to not only take care & love yourself but it also puts you in better positions to eventually do the same for the ones around you. Being alone also allows you to understand yourself, your likes, dislikes, flaws, strengths, fears and aspirations. There is a strength in that knowledge. There is also a contentment in that. You are also saying that you are enough for yourself!

Model: Angela Hill - @_neavera
MUA: Janai Johnson -  @makeupbyjanai
Photographer: Alfield Reeves (Me)

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