One of the most essential things to ones personal growth is being aware of self as much as possible. One of my personal goals this year has been to observe myself. So seeing how I react to things, how I handle certain situations, what I do and say when things don’t go my way. 

Now of-course it would be cool to step outside of my body and watch myself as I live but I can’t do that. (Well not yet?, *Waits on black mirror episode*). Any-who, a lot of my self-aware observations are either in hindsight or as result of friends telling me the truth about myself, which always appreciate! (Thank God for honest friends). 

1. I can be very anal about how I prefer things to be from an organizational perspective. I’m a very organized person and I attribute a lot of my success to my organizational ways. So that preference often leaks in how I would prefer our apartment to be and look and it doesn't go that way which leads into my second point.


2. I’ve learned that I don’t show as much grace and love as I should. When living with others you’re exposed to how other people do things, which more often than not, is different than how you do them. Things from how they like there room, kitchen, bathroom, etc. God has really been teaching me to understand that but also how vital it is to show grace and love when these certain places and spaces aren’t how I would prefer them. That has caused me to shut my mouth in many situations that I would otherwise say something, though meant well wouldn’t come out in the right verbiage or tone.


3. I’m a leader that doesn’t always want that responsibility. Being the oldest one in my house I naturally assume that responsibility. Leadership isn’t always desired. It’s something I don’t always desire for a few reasons, I’d like to give others a chance to assume those responsibilities, I just don’t want to do it and/or I can just simply be just passive at times. So I’m always checking the motives of my heart. Do I desire not want to do this because of fear, so thats why I’m being passive right now or is it because I genuinely think me allowing someone else to do this would be an asset in their personal growth.

Self-awareness is taking the mirror and putting it on yourself. The thing about mirrors is that they come in multiple different sizes and shapes. Also some are for close ups like on your face and some bigger for like your entire body. As you’ve noticed throughout the pictures above and below each has its own focus. Sometimes we have to be specific about not only what we need to grow in but also what about ourselves that we need to learn about and address!

I’ve had put the mirror on myself more often than I would have liked but it always results in some sort of revelation and/or growth, which at the end of the day i’m always be grateful for even if i don’t feel that way in the moment!

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