Anything you do that you’re looking to get results involves work. When you’re in the midst of that work there are times where it doesn’t always feel worth it. Whether you’re working out, writing a paper, studying, creating or whatever it is there will probably some pain, doubt, tears, hardship, giving up and starting back up again but it’s worth it!

A year ago I told myself I wanted to start working out and not just doing it but doing it consistently. Prior to that I would think that just because I was slim that I was in shape. That definitely wasn’t the case. I first started out running for a few blocks in the evening and then that transition to a local soccer field. That didn’t last long because I quickly got lazy, unmotivated and just didn’t want to.

It wasn’t until I got a chance to compete in a local soccer tournament (a few months back ) that after the first day, I realized that I was definitely out of shape. So since then, I’ve made the commitment to be working out consistently, everything from running, ab work, mobility, strength, endurance & more. The reason being that my physical health is just as important as my spiritual, mental & financial health.  

So what I want to say is that once you commit to accomplishing something just know that the work you put in will be worth even if you can’t see immediately or in midst of the work!

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