“SO BEFORE YOU GO” as seen on @stylecruze_magazine AUGUST 2019 VOL 26

I was watching/listening to @andymineo ‘s #workinprogresspodcast recently and he said something that someone had told him that blew my mind. He said “options enslave you”. I resonated so much with this because sometimes if you have too much time or too many options to do something it may never get done.

“So Before You Go” is a the result of having an extremely busy week as a freelancer, no time to really plan like usually do for my photography sessions & trying to create some excellent art with one of favorite models before she moved out of town.

I just received someone outfits from @virlecole an amazing wardrobe stylist based in the VA area the week she was leaving. So we had less than 2 hours to shoot the day before she was leaving.

Moral of the story, don’t let your limitations hold you hostage but allow them to be catalysts for your creativity to thrive.

Model | @_melanievictoria_

Wardrobe Stylist | @virlecole

Creative Director | @alfieldreeves

Photographer | @alfieldreevesphotography
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