"It's hard for me to write a review for the services Alfield has provided for our engagement session and wedding. He has blown me and my husband (and our families) away by how beautiful his work is. I am left stunned every time I receive our pictures back. (which I must add is so quick, took him 3 days to get us back 500 edited wedding pictures!) He captures beautiful moments. But his talent runs much deeper than that. If you couldn't tell his young age by looking at him, you would think he has been photographing couples in GR for 75 years. He is effortless when finding the most stunning angles and locations. But, It honestly seems like it comes naturally. He can be in a room for the first time and know all the right areas for pictures. I have never seen such perfected professionalism. The best thing is that I never had to worry about him being my photographer, I knew every penny was going to be worth it (seriously, if you can't afford him, you NEED to find a way, because his work will leave you will the most amazing memories that will fill you will love when you look back on them, you cannot find his quality of work anywhere else). Another great thing is it is so easy to work with him. We all know wedding planning can be messy and frustrating at times because vendors aren't on their A-game. the only vendor that did NOT make me have a single "seriously?!?!? We should have never hired them" stressful moment, was alfield. He made the wedding process easy. Something that really changed the game was how comfortable he makes you feel. My now Husband used to hate whenever anyone would take his photo and was not looking forward to the engagement session after he met Alfield and we completed taking the photos and got to the car, my husband looked at me and said: "we should get pictures every anniversary with him". !!!!!!!! That's crazy. He even confirmed this after the wedding about how Alfield makes getting photos fun. He isn't all in your face, he is precise and doesn't waste your time, so it feels like you are just spending time with your S.O. As weird as this may seem, sometimes you forget Alfield is shooting because you feel so relaxed and comfortable that you just do what comes natural (not a common thing with me and my husband when it comes to being around other people). I know this is a long post, especially for someone who NEVER writes reviews, but Alfield deserves it. I never thought a little goofy looking couple could be photographed in a way that makes them look like they could be on the cover of Vogue Magazine, but here we are. He's great. And if I have the choice, he will be the only photographer I use for every occasion for the rest of my life." - Kelsey Marshall

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